The MPI Performance Report

The MPI performance report is issued quarterly in GBP, USD and EUR. Each report contains risk and return characteristics for the Indices at each risk level.

This report will provide information on how the indices have performed and the level of volatility they have exhibited. They will also demonstrate the average asset and currency allocations across the indices.

These reports will be provided free of charge to STEP members in the UK, Ireland, Caribbean, Switzerland, UK Crown Dependencies, Africa and Arabia, and Continental Europe. Private Client Practitioners can also register to receive the reports free of charge.

Also Investment Managers who are members of the service will be listed within the report.

The MPI Manager Report

Individual Investment Manager Reports will be available to the Member Investment Managers who will be in charge of their distribution. These will show performance of the individual Manager over a 1, 3 and 5 year rolling period compared with the overall peer group.

In order that participating Investment Managers can use the reports to demonstrate their capability to Trustees, the returns they have achieved and the drivers of those returns – asset and currency allocation – will also be shown in comparison to the peer group.

MPI Investment Manager Reports can be requested from the Investment Managers through the contact details listed on the “IM Directory”.