Waverton Investment Management

Who we are

Waverton Investment Management was originally founded as J O Hambro Investment Management (JOHIM) in 1986 by our late Chairman Richard Hambro. For the first fourteen years the company was owned by the Hambro Family and senior management. In 2001, JOHIM was acquired by the Credit Suisse Group, although it remained an independently managed entity. In 2013, Credit Suisse agreed to sell JOHIM to Somers Limited, and to the existing management team, thus re-establishing our credentials as an independent owner-managed investment management boutique. Our original investment philosophy and focus on client service remain unchanged and all Directors of the firm have a direct equity stake in the business, thus aligning themselves with the interests of their clients.

Following the acquisition from Credit Suisse, we changed our name from JOHIM to Waverton Investment Management in recognition of the new structure of the firm. Waverton was already the name used for the majority of our existing funds as well as being the name of the Hambro Family home in Gloucestershire, built originally by Jocelyn Hambro. Waverton therefore preserves our link to our founding principles embraced by the Hambro Family, but at the same time acknowledges the independent ownership of the firm going forward.

What we do

Waverton is a discretionary investment management boutique dedicated to providing high quality investment outcomes and personalised client service for private individuals, trusts, charities and institutions.

Our principal aim is to generate attractive real returns for our clients over the long term, using an active, flexible approach through segregated portfolios or specialist funds. We attach huge importance to investing in what we believe to be the best ideas worldwide, be that in individual stocks, funds, fixed interest or alternative asset classes.

The total headcount of the firm today stands at over 100 members of staff, of which a quarter are portfolio managers with direct client relationship responsibilities. We pride ourselves upon our internal controls, comprehensive in-house administrative operations and personalised client service.

All clients deal directly with their portfolio managers not relationship managers.


Stephen Browne
Head of Marketing
+44 (0) 207 484 7498