LGT Vestra

Who we are

Putting clients first

We challenge convention in our industry but offering a transparent service built around our clients’ needs.

Since 2008, we have been committed to offering a fresh approach to wealth management for Independent Financial Advisers. The plan was simple: put your clients first by providing a transparent service, designed around what is right for them.

In the years since, we have been turning our vision into a reality. The partnership ethos of our business has allowed us to attract some of the best talent in our industry and draw together in-depth experience from multiple disciplines. We offer an experienced, personalised, flexible and direct approach to investment planning and management across multiple asset classes.

Running through this approach is our core value of always putting clients’ interests first.

What makes us different?
• We value each of our clients and put their interests at the heart of our business.
• We are transparent with our fees and in our investment recommendations.
• We are privately owned which ensures a long-term outlook and financial stability
• We have investment expertise with a rigorous investment process
• We continue to search for ways to improve our service.

What we do

Our investment philosophy for Bespoke and Model portfolios is based around high conviction investing. We believe in active allocation and will combine active and passive funds to gain an exposure to an asset class. Our approach is to create balanced, individual portfolios, composed of the best investments across all asset classes, in order to provide strong and consistent risk adjusted returns over the medium and longer term.

We look to add value through both top-down asset allocation and bottom-up security selection. We use a core model portfolio (GBP, USD and EUR) as a guide for investment managers to indicate the in-house views that we have on asset allocation. Changes are made to the asset allocation depending on prevailing investment conditions and our view of the likely short and medium term expectations for each of the asset classes.
Know your client is our fundamental starting point and we recognise that each client’s investment objectives and attitude to risk may be different. Understanding what each client means by risk is a fundamental part of our investment process and philosophy. We are not driven by benchmarks but can agree a benchmark with clients against which we can measure the performance of the portfolio. As a result of the international character of our client base it was decided to establish a standalone business in Jersey called LGT Vestra (Jersey) Limited which was incorporated in December 2008, with an office in Jersey being opened in November 2010. LGT Vestra (Jersey) Limited is designed specifically to look after the assets of our offshore clients. The investment management and advisory services of our Jersey office include both bespoke and offshore model portfolios. Both LGT Vestra LLP and LGT Vestra (Jersey) Limited do not operate any in-house funds. We currently have 55 Investment Managers across our London and Jersey offices.


Tony Allan
Partner and Head of Business Development
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David Lane
Technical Director
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