Theta Enhanced Asset Management Limited (TEAM)

Who we are

TEAM Asset Management was set up in 2002, managing bespoke investment portfolios for private clients and trustees. We look to achieve long term positive returns in all market conditions rather than blindly following benchmarks. Our offering includes fixed income, equity and multi-asset class portfolios. We also offer enhanced income solutions for underlying equity portfolios. TEAM is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Independent, ‘outside-the-box’ thinking is the cornerstone of TEAM’s investment philosophy. We think and act differently. We construct bespoke, personal investment portfolios for clients based on their unique circumstances and backed by our investment views.

What we do

Through an established investment approach, careful stock analysis and a sound understanding of continually changing Macroeconomic and Microeconomic factors; TEAM’s analysis of the global economy and its multiple investment regions help ensure we are in the right asset, the right region, at the right time. Through the years TEAM’s disciplined investment approach and the values we stand by, has produced returns that compare favourably with those of our peers.

TEAM’s discretionary portfolios are typically bespoke in nature, and will seek to encompass a number of required needs gathered from the outset of any client relationship.

We manage Discretionary and Advisory portfolios on behalf of our clients according to the following principles:

  • Benchmark Clarification: No investment manager has a crystal ball.  All portfolios need building blocks with limited correlation in case of severe market stress.  Scenarios and tactics need ongoing assessment.  Economic and other forecasts are of limited value as the majority of shocks are frequently unpredicted until after the event! At TEAM, we can manage portfolios on either an absolute or relative return basis for our clients. When a benchmark is preferred, we work with the client to ensure that it is both wholly appropriate for their circumstances and regularly reviewed. It is vitally important that the correct benchmark is assigned as asset allocation is one of the main drivers of investment performance. In addition, we have developed a suite of products to ensure that we can deliver the most appropriate service to meet client needs.
  • Scale versus Service:  Larger firms promote their capabilities whilst investment boutiques commit to better client service.  We don’t want to compromise one for the other and we strive to offer highly skilled portfolio management AND focus on client service.
  • Transparency, objectivity and responsiveness: At TEAM, our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. We are completely transparent, in order to ensure that all parties are fully informed and aware of the choices that are available to them.


Dipesh Jethwa MCSI
Investment Manager
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Dan Jolliffe Chartered MCSI
Investment Manager
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