Standard Life Wealth

Who we are

Standard Life Wealth is a discretionary investment manager dedicated to meeting our clients’ individual investment goals, from wealth preservation to wealth generation.

Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) is our sole activity. We focus all our resources on providing an outstanding discretionary fund management service, with no distractions. We’re independent; we select funds and securities from the whole of the market.

What makes us different? Choice and flexibility. Using two distinct but complementary approaches – ‘target return, volatility-managed’ and ‘conventional’ – we can tailor investment solutions to each of our clients’ individual goals. We manage investments across asset classes and use the strategies most appropriate to each of our clients’ personal objectives, in a framework of risk they’re comfortable with.

We’re committed to providing excellent levels of service as part of our aim to make investing as simple as possible for our clients. We work with private clients, financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, trust companies and charities, both in the UK and internationally, from offices in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol as well as through our international business in Jersey.

What we do


We believe our role is to increase the likelihood of our clients achieving their financial goals. Our conventional strategy means we can tailor investment solutions with the aim of meeting multiple individual goals and risk appetites; whether they relate to preserving or growing assets, delivering a regular income, or a combination of these requirements.
Through our innovative offering we can tailor investment solutions by targeting specific returns with reduced volatility to meet multiple and risk.

Our globally diversified portfolios seek to balance risk and return in line with their client objectives. Our “Conventional” strategies are designed to generate capital growth and/or income via direct investing, funded solutions or a combination of both.

Our approach can comprise advanced strategies that are designed to manage volatility and achieve specific “Target Returns.”

Our investment capability is enhanced by being able to leverage the support of our parent company, Standard Life Investments, including direct access to company and macro-economic research, plus the highly respected Multi-Asset Investing Team.


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Private Client Head - International
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Senior Business Development Manager
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