Standard Chartered Bank, Jersey Branch

Who we are

Standard Chartered Bank has deep roots and a long heritage in international banking. We have an extensive history in some of the world’s most dynamic and fast-growing markets. We aim to lead in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As such, we have a deep understanding of the wealth management needs of clients across these markets.

The Bank has a 150-year history in banking, with a long-term commitment and financial investment in the Private Bank. Standard Chartered Bank offers a full range of customised wealth management products and services, including those offered by our award-winning commercial bank. We use an open architecture approach to investment management to bring you some of the world’s leading money managers and financial products.

We offer you much more than a comprehensive collection of products and services. We provide you with an integrated, flexible system that will help you preserve and maximise your wealth. We believe that our success lies in our commitment to understanding our clients’ individual needs and tailoring our services accordingly.

What we do

At Standard Chartered Private Bank, discretionary portfolios represent the core of our investment solutions. Our strengths vest within asset allocation and research and our discretionary platform is truly open architecture. The offering comprises a number of strategies across multiple asset classes, some of which are managed internally by our portfolio managers while some are managed by third party institutional sub advisors on behalf of Standard Chartered.

Balanced Portfolios – Actively managed, multi-asset class global portfolios constructed using both individual securities and highly rated mutual funds.

Securities Portfolios – Offer a choice of actively managed, single-asset class, regional or sector-focused portfolios constructed using individual securities.

Funds Portfolios – Choice of diversified actively managed, single-asset class regional portfolios, or multi-asset class global portfolios constructed using highly rated mutual funds

Managers are identified for their historical performance track records, together with a number of equally important criteria which includes their regulatory and compliance standing, investment philosophy and research capabilities. The managers are subject to quarterly and annual “audits” ensuring they continue to adhere to agreed philosophies.

From an asset allocation standpoint, we will blend these different strategies into a bespoke portfolio matching the investment goals, time horizon and risk-return profile of each individual client.


Stephen Geissmar
Executive Director
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