Seven Investment Management

Who we are

Seven Investment Management (7IM) is an investment management business that helps private clients, charities, institutions and trusts preserve and grow their assets.

An independently-minded investment manager, ultimately owned by Caledonia Investments with employee participation, the company is run on the basis that an institutional investment process and discipline should be available to all clients.

The firm also believes that end investors deserve the same access to services that institutions enjoy, including robust risk management, broad diversification, transparency in fees and charges, superior client service and enhanced bespoke reporting.

All our investment strategies are implemented within our own 7IM funds. 7IM believes clients want a bespoke service, rather than an individual portfolio. Using funds allows clients to benefit from targeted return strategies, economies of scale (reflected in lower charges), efficiency of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) management, and more investment opportunities. As a result our portfolios are less UK asset centric although, because we are invested within a fund, we are able to actively manage the current exposure, something not possible in a bespoke segregated portfolio. Our portfolios show consistent returns across our client base and are not subject to individual managers preferences or whims. We make no charge for trading nor other services. Costs are an important part of net investment returns and we have a focus on keeping the costs of investment reasonable and appropriate.

The more robust, replicable investment process with portfolio management conducted independently from those delivering the bespoke service to advisers and the clients is a model which was successfully pioneered by 7IM, and for which we have received many awards.

What we do

7IM believes that long term investment success is the result of the application of a disciplined process. The investment philosophy is founded on asset allocation—the key to returns. We do not have a single style-oriented approach given our belief that investors should have flexibility to be able to take advantage of whatever investment area is attractive at any time.

7IM offers an investment service that has structure and process at its core, with two key asset allocation stages: strategic and tactical.

The Strategic Asset Allocation helps 7IM build a clear understanding of the expected returns, volatility and correlations between asset classes. Using a very broad range of asset classes and markets to invest in, the firm creates portfolios with a dramatically better trade-off of risk against reward than portfolios focused on a small number of asset classes. 7IM works to define its strategic asset allocations using data going back over 50 years in association with outside consultants.

The tactical asset allocation fine tunes the modelling based on expectations of economic and market events and varies the positions defined by the strategic asset allocation policy for each portfolio accordingly. These are then implemented and carefully monitored to ensure that we continue to respond to events. Implementation is achieved through using collective vehicles (both active and passive) and direct instruments in the fixed income area.


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