Sarasin & Partners LLP

Who we are

Sarasin & Partners is a specialist, thematic investment manager, managing £14.2 billion* on behalf of private clients, charities, intermediaries and institutions in the UK, USA, and around the world. £2.9 billion is managed on behalf of families and private clients.
We are a London based team of 214, with 83 investment professionals* including portfolio managers, global analysts, economists and risk experts, all working together on a daily basis.
As an independent global investment manager with a team based approach, we invest responsibly and with high conviction in our best investment ideas across our strategies and portfolios.
Clients can access our investment solutions either directly via our fund strategies or through a bespoke investment mandate tailored to an individual client’s needs.
Specialist areas include UK tax efficient solutions such as ISAs and AIM portfolios, US client solutions through our SEC regulated investment service, plus investment solutions for trustees around the world, and for clients seeking income and responsible investing.
We have a sophisticated and flexible reporting and service platform, offer a choice of custody options, and a choice of how we deliver investment solutions using either a combination of funds or individual securities, as appropriate.
*as at 31.03.2017

What we do

We are known for our strategic thinking and our distinct global thematic investment approach which together have allowed us to produce strong performance results over 30+ years.
We invest with a global scope, seeking out the world’s best investment opportunities, and by pinpointing the drivers of global change we capture the most compelling growth prospects.
At the core of thematic investing is an unconstrained approach. This allows us to evaluate the world through the lens of important structural trends, rather than operating within the straightjacket of indices constructed on the basis of market capitalisation.
A long-term focus permeates all areas of our business, from investment choices to the long lasting relationships with our clients.
Portfolios can be managed in reference to GBP, USD, EUR, CHF. Our flexibility and sophisticated trading systems allow us to design and manage portfolios which can accommodate most investment or tax driven restrictions.


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