Quartet Capital Partners LLP

Who we are

Quartet was founded in late 2009 by a group of experienced investment professionals. We are structured as an independent partnership where all clients deal with the firm’s owners and decision makers. Our sole focus is on the creation and management of bespoke investment solutions for individuals, families, trusts and charities both on and off-shore. Each client is treated as an individual and investment solutions are tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Our core investment belief is that major equity and bond markets are broadly efficient over a market cycle, and it is therefore difficult for active fund managers to try and outperform their respective market or add “Alpha”. Consequently, in order to generate superior returns for clients the focus should be on areas where we perceive a competitive advantage is possible, and this primarily revolves around asset allocation

What we do

Client focused. Our clients are the focal point of the business and we spend a great deal of time understanding their goals and maintaining dialogue with them.

Bespoke multi-asset portfolios. Each client’s circumstances are unique, so we do not believe in shoehorning clients into predetermined investment solutions. All portfolios are tailored to achieve the client’s objectives.

Asset allocation. We believe, and studies have shown, that asset allocation is by far the biggest driver behind investment performance. We do not believe in “buy & hold” strategies and instead focus on actively managing the tactical asset allocation within clients` portfolios. This is where we believe we add significant value.

Investments. Very few fund managers consistently beat their respective index and they also tend to have high fees and costs. We therefore use passive investment vehicles for core portfolio holdings. Tactical, actively managed funds are included to add alpha.

Team. We are very much research led and, within our staff of 13, we have an in-house team of 2 analysts and 2 economists.

Custody. For peace of mind, all assets and cash are held externally at top rated banks and custodians.

Alignment of interests. Partners and their families are amongst the firm’s largest clients and our portfolios are managed along the same lines as external clients. We also pay the same fees!

Whether a client is an individual, family, company or trustee we will tailor our investment offering to suit their requirements.


Colin McInnes
United Kingdom
Managing Partner
+44 (0) 208 939 2920