Nedbank Private Wealth

Who we are

Nedbank Private Wealth is the international private wealth management brand within the Nedbank Group. Nedbank is the fourth largest bank in Africa and is majority owned by Old Mutual Plc, the UK FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 financial services group. Nedbank Private Wealth enjoys the collective strength and reputation of the associated businesses, and a heritage that dates back to 1834.

We offer a full range of financial services including international banking and investments to our clients who include private individuals and professional intermediaries, non-trading companies, trusts, governments and institutional investors. The gateways to our banking and investment services are through offices in the Isle of Man, Jersey, UK, Guernsey and Dubai.

Our stated company objective is to serve our clients better than any other financial services organisation, and we have employed this traditional way of thinking in our wealth management approach.


What we do

At Nedbank Private Wealth, the cornerstone of our offering is Focus, our award-winning and genuinely unique integrated banking and investment service, which gives clients a single point of contact across a wide range of financial services. Focus combines international banking, a flexible approach to lending, discretionary investment management and execution-only investment dealing and settlement services into a seamless and cost-effective package.

We work closely with each of our clients to select the investments that most closely support their individual financial goals, time horizon and appetite for risk, and there are a number of layers to our investment approach. These include the analysis of valuation measures, macroeconomic factors and sentiment indicators.

We consider that asset allocation is an important driver of returns and include property, cash and alternative investments, in addition to equities and bonds in our portfolios. We have no ties to specific fund groups which means we can take a proactive approach and source the most appropriate opportunities from the available fund universe. Our investment strategy involves allocations to collectives – both actively managed and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Client assets are invested on a global basis which gives access to a larger opportunity set and also allows us to diversify and spread investment risk more widely. We believe currency exposure needs to be managed separately and hedging currency exposure can offer another opportunity to add value while minimising currency risks.



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