Kleinwort Benson

Who we are

Kleinwort Benson is one of the most historic names in British banking with roots dating back to the 1780’s. Providing a range of bespoke wealth management services to individuals, institutions and charities, we offer our clients advice and solutions which are tailored to their individual wealth planning needs. With an offering which spans investment management, residential property lending, corporate advisory, family office, banking, trust and fiduciary services we are able to provide our clients with a truly holistic service.

Kleinwort Benson’s purpose is to help clients create, conserve and enhance their wealth. Our differentiator is the creating side in particular. Our approach is very much to build a bank geared to having a business model around the client, starting with a relatively clean sheet of paper. Kleinwort Benson is not part of an investment/retail bank and we do not have a capital book competing with clients. We are one of the best capitalised banks with a low risk business model – Tier 1 capital ratio in excess of 20% and low loan to deposit ratio, with no reliance on wholesale funding.

What we do

At Kleinwort Benson, our core objective is to preserve and prudently grow our clients’ wealth. Our investment philosophy for achieving this rests on three key tenets: Getting the big decisions right; Taking risk only when it is likely to be well rewarded; Avoiding large losses. Given our investment philosophy, it is our investment strategy to focus on empirical evidence while avoiding shorter term emotions that can detract from investment decision making. We seek to understand how financial markets typically behave, heed lessons from financial history and focus on observing only the most relevant current data as indicators of future investment performance. By regularly assessing the most important information in a structured manner, we achieve a repeatable investment process. For an investor to be consistent and remain objective, it requires that they take a structured approach to investment decision making. This is the core rationale behind our VaMoS investment framework. “VaMoS” is an acronym derived from Valuation, Momentum and Sentiment. As investors, we believe that current asset valuation, momentum and sentiment are three primary determinants of future investment performance, and we seek to rigorously incorporate these factors throughout our investment process. We also consider economic climate as an important fourth determinant of future investment performance.


Andrew Wheeler
Executive Director
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