Hywin Wealth LLP

Who we are

Trustees today face complex financial decisions given that families have never been more international. We believe that responding effectively to these needs demands far more than a commoditised solution. The “raison d’etre” of Azure Wealth is to provide investment solutions that meet your specific requirements rather than creating and selling investment products.

The focus on understanding your precise objectives comes from the considerable expertise of our Partners in managing private wealth. For trustees there is great comfort in knowing that Azure Wealth advisors have a genuine appreciation for the needs of global clients, as Azure Wealth is itself a blend of many cultures.

We work closely with trustees in many jurisdictions as our perspective on wealth management of first preserving and then enhancing wealth tends to be well suited to meet trustees’ objectives. Our performance goals are a function of our clients’ risk appetite, not market indices and for many trustees we provide strategies that seek absolute returns, with rigorous risk management to minimise volatility and avoid substantial loss.

What we do

Our starting point for the management of a trust’s portfolio is a discussion regarding your investment objectives, especially your tolerance to investment risk. Whilst we seek to capture opportunities, avoiding substantial loss that can take years to recover is the foundation of our approach. This includes the active management of your currency exposure.

Having analysed the global economic environment and the prospects for asset classes and individual markets, the Investment Committee determines the Strategic Asset Allocation to provide the required risk/return profile. We use a wide range of asset classes to provide opportunities and increase portfolio diversification to reduce volatility.

Tactical Asset Allocation is managed on an on-going basis to exploit shorter-term opportunities and at times preserve wealth. We may substantially reduce your exposure to risky asset classes (something unavailable to managers constrained by size) and our ‘sell discipline’ is inherent to the way we control portfolio risk. We have developed a rigorous risk model, deploying controls at both security and portfolio level to limit the potential for substantial loss.

As we believe that security selection adds value, we will both buy individual securities and also invest in third-party funds where managers have demonstrated they can provide superior risk-adjusted returns.


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