Heartwood Investment Management

Who we are

Heartwood originated in 1988 as a financial services business providing investment and wealth management to individuals, families and charities. Over many years, Heartwood significantly enhanced its investment management offering, establishing a separate investment management division in 2008.

In March 2011 Heartwood Investment Management was officially launched as a distinct division of the business marketing its stand-alone investment management services to private clients, charitable organisations and intermediaries such as financial advisers. As a multi-award winning and boutique investment manager, we aim to preserve and build the value of client assets by investing with an institutional approach and a high level of personal service. Our business is focused entirely on global multi asset class investing, which allows us complete flexibility to choose what we consider to be the best investment solution at any given time. Our success is evident from the significant organic growth achieved in recent years, and we now have over £2.8 billion of funds under management and administration, as at 30 September 2016.

In May 2013, Heartwood Wealth Management Limited was acquired by Handelsbanken. Founded in Sweden in 1871, Handelsbanken is one of the leading banks in the Nordic region with c. 860 branches in 25 countries worldwide. The bank first established a UK presence in 1982, and now operates a steadily expanding network of more than 207 branches throughout the UK. In June 2016 Heartwood private client division was renamed Handelsbanken Wealth Management. Heartwood Investment Management maintains its position as Handelsbanken’s UK asset management provider.

What we do

As specialists in global multi asset investing, we focus on making intelligent asset allocation decisions and diversifying properly to manage risk. Our approach is proven, robust, consistent and transparent. Each of our strategies begins with a clear objective – to deliver a set level of return at or above a set target level. These objectives promote transparency and focus, both for us and for our clients.

We invest from the top down, first identifying an optimal blend of asset classes, then actively managing it over time, anticipating and adjusting to changes in market conditions. When doing this, our work is grounded in analysis of the fundamentals. We are interested in the true underlying value of an investment, not its current popularity.

Our multi asset investment style can significantly boost long-term returns while keeping control of both risk and costs within portfolios. We have the freedom to invest with conviction, using an unconstrained approach that provides the latitude to invest across a broad range of global assets, sectors and regions.

We offer a simple proposition which incorporates a range of investment strategies (total return, income and ethical) designed to appeal to clients across the risk spectrum. These core strategies are available either as segregated portfolios or as multi asset funds, which confer certain tax advantages and other efficiencies. Both segregated portfolios and funds follow exactly the same investment process. As global multi asset class investors, we are style agnostic.

Our approach is:
• Global, giving us a broader set of investment opportunities;
• Diversified across a broad range of assets and markets to increase the potential risk-adjusted returns and help to protect clients’ investments against steep falls in financial markets;
• Active, as we firmly believe that adjusting portfolios to reflect our current views can substantially boost investment returns, particularly by identifying cyclical market trends, which tend to add significant value; and
• Flexible –an unconstrained approach to investing, providing the latitude to invest across a broad range of global assets, sectors and regions.


Hugh Tottenham
Client Director
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