Frank Investments Limited

Who we are

Paul Sedgwick, Paul Barry-Walsh and Peter Sedgwick founded Frank Investments in 2005. The business was established to provide long term investment management services to a partnership of investors.

Frank Investments offers you the opportunity to invest in a portfolio that is managed in parallel with that of the founders. Our balanced investment approach reflects our founders’ requirements to preserve the value and purchasing power of their wealth at minimum cost.

The exposures and structure of client portfolios managed by Frank Investments exactly replicate those of the founders’ own portfolio. Moreover, the founders and their clients pay the same investment management fees. This ensures that clients’ risks, opportunity and costs are wholly aligned with those of Frank Investments’ founders.

Each of our clients is provided with their own managed account on the Bank Julius Bär platform. This ensures that they neither delegate ownership nor compromise the immediate availability of their own assets.

Fellow investors in our Balanced Portfolio are offered additional scope to co-invest with the founders of Frank Investments.

What we do

The investment objective is to extend the long-term investment management to like-minded investors. Investments in liquid securities of large-capitalization companies with a bias toward UK Equities make of the investable universe. The strategy is global equity based with a portfolio balance consisting of corporate bonds and cash. Limits include a maximum of five percent in any one company, and no more than 85% of the portfolio allocated to equities. Use of derivatives, currency hedging, and leverage lending is not possible with this strategy.


Paul Sedgwick
Director, Head of Investments
01344 297257