European Investment Management Ltd

Who we are

European Investment Management is the investment management arm of the European Wealth Management Group plc, a diversified wealth management business with a reputation for its commitment to the highest standards of personal service and investment excellence.

European Investment Management delivers institutional quality investment management to private clients, trusts, charities and institutions. This approach combines traditional values with contemporary delivery that embraces modern technology and the open architecture administration platform enables the investment managers to select and deliver solutions in both a timely and cost effective manner.

Being completely independent is central to the approach of European Investment Management. This involves working in partnership with clients to select the best options available in the marketplace as opposed to trying to sell them proprietary investment products.

Working with intermediaries is a core business for European Investment Management, and the firm has particular experience in dealing with the Law Society and the Solicitor Regulatory Authority as well as directly with law firms. Three members of the Board are formerly directors of the Association of Solicitor Investment Managers and were instrumental in the development of the Association. This has given the firm a unique understanding of what is required when working in this arena.

What we do

The first stage of the investment process is developing the client’s Investment Profile which encapsulates long term needs and goals, risk tolerance and capacity for short term loss. This determines the portfolio’s Investment Strategy. The Strategy is the long term asset allocation most likely to achieve the client’s goals over the time horizon they have set, within the level of risk they are comfortable and provides a clear long term benchmark against which the investments’ performance can be measured and evaluated. Each portfolio is typically well diversified across asset classes, regions and segments so as to improve the portfolio’s return for the amount of risk taken.

A portfolio’s composition may not be optimal at a specific point in time, and deviating from the Investment Strategy is referred to as Tactical Asset Allocation . The purpose of tactical deviations is to tilt the allocation toward asset classes that are expected to outperform, while reducing exposure to those that are expected to underperform.

This ‘top down’ asset allocation approach is integrated with the ‘bottom up’ selection process for the instruments that will ultimately comprise the portfolio. Utilising sophisticated quantitative techniques, European Investment Management can identify those instruments worthy of more detailed analysis.


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Investment Manager
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Investment Strategist
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