EFG Asset Management (UK) Limited

Who we are

EFGAM is a leading provider of discretionary and advisory portfolio management to a global client base.

As our investment process is based on the proven empirical evidence that the key driver of investment returns is asset allocation, we have built a substantial global research capability seeking to identify investment anomalies and exploit for our clients the opportunities that markets present. With 80 investment specialists located in London, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portland and Miami, we have the expertise to provide strategies across the risk spectrum and in a range of currencies. We currently manage more than USD 20bn in client assets.

EFG Asset Management (UK) Limited was established in 1994 to provide investment solutions to the clients of EFG Private Bank in London. In 2010, EFG International brought together the investment management departments within the Group to form a separate asset management company, EFG Asset Management (EFGAM). EFG International is the parent of EFGAM and has offices in 30 locations, employing over 3,000 staff. It is headquartered in Zurich and is listed on the Zurich stock exchange.

What we do

We provide discretionary portfolio management to a range of clients including Trusts, Foundations, Charities, Individuals and Corporates.

We have strategies with differing risk profiles, divided into the following two categories:

Relative Return – These are strategies that seek to outperform a pre-agreed benchmark. When managing Relative Return strategies, the objective is to outperform the benchmark. Decisions regarding the exposure to asset classes and markets are made relative to the allocations in the respective benchmark. The strategies are categorised by their risk/return profile and include: Income, Conservative, Balanced, Growth and Equity.

Target Return – These strategies seek to provide a minimum annual target return for a given risk profile. Each investment is included based on its expected return and risk, not because it is included in a benchmark. A key benefit for Trustees of this investment approach is the greater investment flexibility to reduce risk than ‘Relative Return’ strategies. At times of uncertainty we have cut substantially the exposure to equities, as the primary objective is capital preservation and to meet the minimum return target, not just to beat a falling benchmark. We have created several Target Return strategies to meet Trustees’ objectives and risk tolerances and the two most widely used seek to outperform the annual return from cash on deposit by +3% and by +5% p.a.

With a substantial client base of trustees from a wide range of jurisdictions, we have been developing new ways of how we provide access to our strategies. For example, we have developed an offshore UCITS funded solution for trusts with a UK Resident Non-Domiciled Settlor where the administration can be especially cumbersome. For trusts with a US connection, we manage the portfolios from our office in Miami which can support trustees with the relevant tax reporting. This is all part of EFGAM’s innovative approach to helping our clients achieve successful investment outcomes.


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