Credit Suisse – Channel Islands

Who we are

Part of the global Credit Suisse Group, we provide private banking services from Guernsey and investment services from Jersey, as well as providing intermediaries and private clients with a gateway to our global private banking, investment banking and asset management businesses. Our offering includes a range of global and local products and services, including discretionary management and advisory services.

We believe that our ability to serve clients with solutions tailored to their needs gives us a strong advantage in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace.

In Private Banking we offer comprehensive advice and a broad range of financial solutions to private, corporate and institutional clients. Private Banking comprises the Wealth Management Clients and Corporate & Institutional Clients businesses.

Asset Management offers products across a broad range of investment classes, from alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, credit, index, real estate, and commodities, to multi-asset class solutions including equities and fixed income products, as well as emerging markets.

Investment Banking provides a broad range of financial products and services, with a focus on client-driven, flow-based and capital-efficient businesses. Our suite of products and services includes global securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage and capital raising and advisory services, as well as comprehensive investment research.

What we do

Our aim is to maximise returns through the dynamic use of strategic and active tactical asset allocation. We aim to achieve returns with lower volatility than that experienced in underlying markets. Our Investment Philosophy has an emphasis on dynamic asset allocation between the main asset classes – cash, fixed income, high yield, emerging market debt, equities (including regionally), alternative investments, property and commodities. Other asset classes are considered if diversification benefits are consistent with meeting our investment objectives. Fund selection is another critical component of our process. Those whom we consider to be the industry’s leading investment managers are combined in client portfolios. With fixed income investments our philosophy is to focus on the highest quality issuers. For non-government backed bond exposure, such as investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, and emerging market debt, we allocate to specialist managers via diversified funds, providing adequate risk diversification within the asset class. Within all other asset classes we use actively managed funds to gain exposure to markets. Typically, our preference is for smaller investment houses with transparent structures and regular mark to market pricing.


Frankie Casey
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Barrie Duerden
Head of Investment Management
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