Coutts & Co.

Who we are

Coutts is widely recognised as one of the leading private banks and wealth managers in the UK. Coutts was founded in 1692, and our services have constantly evolved to meet the needs of our clients. Our progressive, long-term approach to wealth management is founded on the experience gained through managing the wealth of families through multiple generations.

Headquartered in London, we have a strong presence throughout the UK and Channel Islands. We provide investment management, private banking, financial planning, tax and trust advice. Additionally, the Coutts Institute provides wealth succession planning, philanthropy and family business advice.


What we do

Our aim is to deliver long-term returns that allow our clients to grow or maintain the future purchasing power of their wealth. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and aspirations when building portfolios.

At Coutts, we believe asset allocation is the key driver of long-term performance. Our investment style can be summarised as ‘diversified value’. We believe markets present opportunities to out-perform, even though they are quite efficient in the long run. Human behavioural biases can push asset prices away from fair value and crises are often good times to buy. We search for quality assets that have been overlooked by the markets and are inexpensive relative to their long-term prospects.

Our goal is to put together diversified portfolios that lead to higher and more stable returns over time. We believe diversification tends to be better and cheaper than insurance. When constructing portfolios, we consider the characteristics of each asset and their behaviour in relation to other assets. We make use of a broad range of instruments to express views, including best-of-breed third party fund managers, passive vehicles, direct equities and bonds.



Camilla Stowell
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Head of Wealth & Investment Management, International and Private Office
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