Church House Investment Management

Who we are

Church House Investment Management (“CH”)is a private fund management company focused exclusively on discretionary portfolio management services for the private individuals and family groups along with their trust, pension and charitable foundation.


With antecedents dating back to 1792, CH was established as independent entity in 1999. The Directors and senior staff hold a controlling interest and the majority of our wealth is invested alongside that of our clients.


Personal service, stability and expertise characterise our relationships with clients, some of whom the firm has looked after for generations. With offices in Sherborne and London, CH combines the use of modern technology with a refreshingly old-fashioned approach in what is promoted as ‘Intelligent Investing for Generations’.

What we do

We believe that effective investment management – i.e. one that delivers the returns expected – is all about successfully managing risk.  Risk and a proper understanding of the term, is therefore central to our investment philosophy.


Our definition of risk focuses on the danger of permanent or irretrievable loss of capital. Capital preservation and income portfolios are something of a specialism although we are happy to expose client portfolios to higher risk strategies when appropriate.


Portfolios and asset allocation strategies are primarily fulfilled utilising our in-house range of six collectives where risk – and costs – are controlled in-house. Further international and specialist exposures are built out using a small panel of low-cost investment trusts whose managers we know well and who we are happy to trust with our clients’ money. This focus on cost has contributed to our consistent and stable track record going back to the last century and proven during some of the worst volatility experienced in recent times.


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