Capital International Group

Who we are

Capital International Group is one of the Isle of Man’s most successful independent investment services Group. Founded in 1996 the Group was built on our core value of innovation, integrity and excellence, the Group is committed to delivering the highest quality of investment services including:

• Professional Investment Platform
• Institutional Investment Management
• Treasury Services

We focus entirely on providing B2B solutions to financial institutions whether large or small such as governments, life companies, pension schemes, fund and wealth managers, collective investment schemes, corporate and trust service providers and financial intermediaries.

We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with clients and our ability to deliver customised solutions. As those relationships develop, clients require a greater variety of products and services from the Group as we become a trusted partner in delivering a universal solution.

The Group has over 80 staff with offices in the Isle of Man and South Africa.

What we do

We manage portfolios within clearly defined risk and volatility parameters and seek to achieve optimal returns with those risk parameters.

We recognise that the majority of performance arises from asset allocation and we embrace a broad range of asset classes, with the purpose of introducing a large number of independent and diversified sources of return and risk.

Strategic asset allocation is determined by our ‘Efficient Portfolio Optimisation’ process, which is routed in Modern Portfolio Theory utilising mean-variance analysis and optimisation techniques to determine an optimum strategic asset allocation that can be expected to achieve the required investment return with the lowest possible risk.

We believe that financial markets are rarely efficient, providing opportunities for both fundamental research and technical analysis to add value. We are active managers and dynamically adjust a strategies asset allocation and investment instruments throughout the cycle.

We assess all investments based on our analysis of their risk and return characteristics over the short, medium and longer term. We also analyse interaction across a portfolio to ensure that diversification is optimised and risk concentrations are minimised.

Our rigorous investment process provides a structured framework for decision-making designed to ensure that decisions are measured, consistent and appropriate through the cycle.


Antony Kelsey
Isle of Man
Business Development Director
+44 (0)1624 654255