Capital Generation Partners

Who we are

Capital Generation Partners was established in 2006 by the three founding partners – Khaled Said, Charlotte Thorne and Ian Barnard. This team had worked together advising on the investment of a single family’s endowment and their decision to establish an independent firm providing investment advice to similar portfolios was informed by their experience on the buy-side.
Capital Generation Partners LLP was therefore created to provide what the Partners had found lacking – independent, unbiased but directional investment advice on the creation of bespoke portfolios.
This independent ownership allows the partners to focus on building the firm around exceptional investment thinking and excellent service rather than product sales. For this reason, the CapGen team is drawn from the institutional investment end of the market rather than the private bank and retail end.
CapGen now has over 30 professionals on the team, identified for their intelligence, investment thinking and attention to detail.

What we do

CapGen operates as an outsourced investment office meaning that our clients get a bespoke portfolio built entirely around their needs and with every position individually selected to fit their requirements. No standard portfolio, no pooling, no reliance on funds which are designed for small and retail investors.
When clients first come to us we spend time on understanding their precise structuring and investment requirements and we construct both a portfolio and a service around that. Our bespoke approach means that we can accommodate a range of different requirements from asset allocation tilts to complex investment structures and from multiple reporting lines to client preferences over communication and meeting attendance.
Our experienced team is constantly looking for investment opportunities to bring to our clients – we review hundreds of fund ideas each year from the biggest names to the most niche. Then we examine the opportunities as investors would. This means our clients have access to the very best quality funds globally, across all asset classes and structures – knowing that we think like investors not sales people.
Our extensive experience in the market means we have been able to structure some exceptional deals for our clients in all parts of their portfolio, from preferential terms for our clients in some of the world’s most compelling hedge funds to client allocations in top-decile private equity funds where capacity is typically unavailable. This comes as a result of our extensive relationships in the industry and our reputation as thoughtful investors.


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Client Development
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