Ashburton Investments

Who we are

Ashburton Investments is a new generation investment manager that places our clients at the centre of our thinking. We are the investment management arm of FirstRand Group, one of Africa’s largest financial services companies, bringing together the Group’s existing investment management capabilities under one brand.

Core to Ashburton Investments’ proposition of giving investors access to more is its ability to leverage the skills, platforms and product origination capabilities within the Group. Our offering spans traditional and alternative investment strategies, and active and passive investment styles.

With us, investors can gain access to more sources of return, broader investment capabilities, considered risk management and deeper investment insights.

Ashburton’s International business is centred in Jersey and was established in 1982. Our distinctive investment approach enables us to build an investment portfolio that puts our clients first.

We provide fund and portfolio management services to individuals and professional clients who are looking for solid and consistent performance.

We work on a case-by-case basis, structuring portfolios in line with market opportunities using the successful investment methodologies that have served Ashburton Investments for over 30 years.

We nurture wealth by providing solid investment returns following an uncomplicated, actively managed approach which is dynamic, robust and repeatable.


What we do

Our portfolios follow a disciplined methodology in the selection of international equities, bonds, currency and other instruments. Our investment managers harness the active management philosophy of Ashburton Investments to find the optimal solution for every client.

We believe that the secret to successful investing is diversification through careful asset allocation to reduce overall investment risk. We invest in what makes sense rather than the contents of a benchmark or latest market trend. When the market outlook is favourable, we will look for profitable opportunities to exploit.

However, when conditions are poor, we seek to protect capital by adjusting strategies to weather falling markets. Currency hedging techniques may also be employed to protect the portfolio from adverse foreign exchange movements when considered necessary.

We employ a governance process to help mitigate investment risk within our portfolios. We ensure our clients benefit from international diversification by investing in a broad array of global markets and use a currency overlay approach to ensure that resulting currency risk is controlled and carefully managed.

We are not afraid to cut loss-making positions when necessary. We use a disciplined process to protect portfolios from loss which includes a strategy to bank profits from winning positions when hard won gains for the portfolio are threatened.



Laythamm Malorey
Senior Intermediary Distribution Manager
+44 1534 512010