ABN AMRO (Channel Islands) Limited

Who we are

ABN AMRO has had a presence in the Channel Islands for over 40 years with its office in Guernsey employing over 120 staff and a fully insourced model. ABN AMRO Private Banking is a modern private bank, internationally present and locally involved. We achieve this through a strong multi-domestic private banking model that includes prestigious private banks such as ABN AMRO MeesPierson in the Netherlands, Bethmann Bank in Germany and Neuflize OBC in France. We have a leading position in Europe and a solid presence in Asia.

ABN AMRO Private Banking is backed by the strength of the ABN AMRO Group, a Global banking group.

We aim to build long-term relationships with clients who share our investment philosophy – that portfolios should be built with a medium to long-term view and the preservation of capital and compounding of consistent returns will, over the long-term be more advantageous that following investment trends. Conservative by nature, we provide investment management services to clients who prefer a manager that aims to produce consistent investment performance and risk control over a full investment cycle.

What we do

Discretionary Portfolio Management
Classic Mandate -Suitable for investors seeking an active approach to their portfolio.

Portfolios are constructed using mainly individual equities and / or bonds and supplemented with specialist investment funds covering regional and theme based allocations. The Classic Mandate offers a choice of six risk profiles ranging from a relatively low risk Fixed Income portfolio with a strong concentration of bonds, to the much more aggressive Equity portfolio focused predominantly towards Equities. Between these two extreme points of the risk spectrum we are able to offer Conservative, Balanced (bonds), Balanced (equities) and Growth portfolios.

The portfolios aim to generate a better than average return over the longer term. Due to the long-term nature of our portfolio selection, the returns may fluctuate significantly during the investment period. We however subscribe to the view that an investment portfolio’s diversification across the various asset classes available is the single most important factor in determining the portfolio’s long-term performance.

Multi Manager Mandate – Suitable for investors seeking a funds based solution for their investments.

Broadly diversified portfolios are constructed using collective investment funds managed by some of the world’s most highly regarded fund management houses.

Selecting investment funds for the Multi Manager Mandate is all about manager selection. The funds finally selected for the portfolios are the result of extensive quantitative and qualitative research which includes evaluating the manager’s performance track record, identifying the fund investment strategy / styles and understanding the strengths of the underlying managers who control the investments.

We actively manage the portfolio on an ongoing basis, keeping in mind that no single manager can deliver an optimum performance with his or her fund in all market circumstances.


Stefano Finetti
Senior Private Banker
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